Fashion: ANTORINI enters the fashion world

Fashion: ANTORINI enters the fashion world – an achievement celebrated across the globe

ANTORINI customers include global personalities, significant leaders in the fields of culture and science, supranational corporations as well as the office of the president. For most of them, ANTORINI prepares custom luxury gifts according to specific requirements that carry the coat of arms, symbol of state, company logo and sometimes also initials. Most of the ANTORINI products are endowed during significant events and as VIP gifts.

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However, last year the brand focus changed and the ANTORINI designers devoted attention to preparations for entry into a completely new environment – the world of fashion accessories and fashion. The company also changed legal subjectivity and is now known as the European joint-stock company LUSSOLIBE Milano SE.

“After years devoted almost exclusively to the management assortment, we had an irresistible yearn to create something very unique, fashionable and untraditionalCollections that shall have a design nature, but simultaneously remain in the top quality handiwork category,” said Olga Pelcova, CEO, LUSSOLIBE Milano SE.

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“We love seeing the joy in the eyes of our clients, we love creation and design. We knew that expansion of our operations toward the final customer was a step in the right direction. For this reason, we decided to enter the fashion and fashion accessories segment.” 

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Entry into new areas is a challenge for the ANTORINI brand that it has never had to face before. Particularly the demanding production of new fashion collections, entry into social networks and building of brand awareness among the general public. However, new challenges also bring new experience and joy from initial successes.

“We were surprised by how quickly customers accepted us. We won customers from all over the world within a short time – from London, Singapore, California, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other places. Many of them were elated at the unique design, gold-plated parts and exclusive materials.”

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“At the same time, interesting designers and artists from all spheres started contacting us. We believe that design unites people, and for this reason our clients often include fashion designers and artists engaged in all areas of design.”

Organic Contemporary Interiors brand

One of them is also talented interior designer H. Brana from California, who works under the BRANA Designs – Organic Contemporary Interiors brand, to whom we extend our great thanks for the interview.

In your opinion, what is behind the success of interior design by BRANA Designs?

Discipline and passionate faith in what we do. We devote many hours to working on the design schema, searching for luxury and unique furniture from all over the world – mainly from Europe. We sometimes work late into the night in order to meet project deadlines, but it is our passion. We love what we do. We approach each challenge as an opportunity because we learn new things by solving them for our clients.

What is the magic of your design?

It is our signature style – Organic Contemporary (™). We use many natural materials, which we combine with modern furniture. We play with colors schemes, interesting wall finishes and at the same time maintain a minimalistic and clean style.

“We have completed projects in Miami, New York and, of course, also in Prague, my hometown.”

In which countries do you operate?

We are currently based in Southern California, but thanks to modern technologies, we are able to overcome distances and work on projects in various parts of the world. We have completed projects in Miami, New York and, of course, also in Prague, my hometown. We recently also received a design enquiry from a client in Hawaii. We are open to anything with the right clients.


What do your clients value most?

Apart from our signature style, we also add value to the clients investments – our clients are often surprised at how many changes we have made and at how effectively we have elevated their investments. We give them something that often exceeds their imagination in spite of the fact that the result is in line with their needs, style and budget. We are always a step ahead and before doing anything, we always ensure that we are on the same wavelength. We listen carefully to the clients, comprehend their needs and lifestyle.


Clients also appreciate the fact that we use state-of-the-art furniture from all over the world, primarily Europe. Such furniture is difficult to get in the USA. Sometimes the furniture is so exclusive that it is hardly available even in Europe. Our clients love the responses of their friends! It often happens that during their visit, they say: “WOW”, which is followed by conversations on the uniqueness of the interior.

“My biggest dream is to continue working on various projects with clients who like exceptional design.”

What is your dream and what are your further targets?

My biggest dream is to continue working on various projects with clients that enjoy unique designs, rather than the same cookie-cutter looks. Clients do not want “mass production of interiors”, they appreciate uniqueness and exclusivity. A further target is to have my own showroom and build a team of like-minded creative people.

Organic Contemporary

What design style do you have at home? Do you live in the same style that you design or prefer a different style?

To a greater extent, my current home is Organic Contemporary. Both words, i.e., Organic and Contemporary, have broad meanings, but they always concern natural materials and unique furniture or accessories. But the answer to your question is yes, my home follows the Organic Contemporary style, but is influenced by the original architecture of the house.

What is your favorite corner or furniture accessory?

I absolutely love modern wall paintings and wall-mounted elements in general, for instance, wood. Such elements can completely change the perception of the room. Even when we are working with a floor plan that is not so good, we can improve everything by a simple modification of the walls whether by paints, murals or woods.

What is most important for you in terms of creation of home comfort?

Apart from comfortable seating and the floor plan layout, the colors also play a major role. It is necessary to devote attention to the psychology of colors, personal preferences and experiences, all of which form the resulting emotional perception. However, every color looks unique on different materials, in light, in differently sized rooms or next to other colors, and it is, therefore, necessary to devote adequate attention to the colors.

“With my daily schedule, tasks and meetings with new people, I cannot do without a journal.”


I see that you have an ANTORINI purse with you, which accessories of this brand appeal to you most?

Apart from the silk scarves and snakeskin purses, it is the journal which I use every day. With my daily schedule, tasks and meetings with new people, I cannot do without a journal. The hardest thing is to find one that looks representative and simultaneously matches my style. For me, quality is always the priority over quantity and ANTORINI wins in my case because it fulfils all my needs in terms of quality, colors and materials.

We like the design of your interiors very much. As a designer, can you tell us in what aspects ANTORINI appealed to you most?

The color combinations and the luxury Italian materials such as silk and leather appealed to me very much. The elation was mutual, they were elated at the interior design at ANTORINI, and I liked the design of the fashion accessories.

We get the feeling that design unites people, do you still share the elation?

Indeed. ANTORINI has a broad portfolio of products and everyone will find something that appeals. Regardless of whether you like color and material simplicity or extravagance. I value ANTORINI for the fact that apart from women’s fashion it also devotes attention to men’s accessories, and for this reason, men can also treat themselves to luxury accessories.

We would like to thank you for your time and the pleasant meeting. We greatly appreciate the fact that you found time for this interview in your loaded schedule.

We look forward to further photographs of your beautiful interiors and wish you many satisfied clients.

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