Dapper Style is no longer purely the domain of fashion weeks, regardless of whether you are following Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week or even Dubai Modest Fashion Week. Elegant fashion has become popular among men worldwide; it is a reflection of the sense for proportion, colour matching, quality and mainly the endeavour to present oneself as one of the “most successful”. 

In a certain sense, it is a style in which it is very important whether your outfit brings you close to perfection. The rules on how to achieve this perfection are not strictly defined and it depends on the creativity of every individual as to how originally he can reflect it in his outfit. Dapper Style is about elegance, but it also allows freedom in the choice of colours and accessories.

Elegantní pánská módaDavidson Dorcelus with an ANTORINI tie


If you dress according to Dapper Style, then self-confidence, elegance and the aura of a successful man radiate from you. You arouse admiration in your vicinity and naturally become an example.

One of the men elegantly dressed in this manner is Davidson Dorcelus of New Jersey (USA), to whom we extend our great thanks for the interview.

"Fashion was always a part of my family..." 

What is your relationship to fashion? What style and colour combinations do you prefer?

Fashion was always a part of my family, considering the fact that my father and my oldest brother were tailors. However, my love for fashion really grew back in high school during my prom season. No, I was not the best dressed that day. However the feeling that I felt when I wore my first tuxedo really reached my heart and made me felt that "this has to be a lifestyle." Fast forward many years later I started my own fashion page. My goal is to explore the various styles and play a part of beautiful stories.

Which materials do you like best?

I love to be in linen during the hot seasons. It doesn't only allow me to look elegant but also gives me that feeling of comfort, where I can feel free. 

Based on your opinion, what item of clothing deserves more attention? Based on your opinion, what should a well-dressed man be aware of?

You should always, and always focus on having a strong base. By that, I mean your footwear. Think of it this way... "You're wearing a basic white tee and blue jeans." That sounds boring and basic, right? Try wearing it with Chelsea boots, try it with loafers, try it with Chukka boots." A strong base allows you to elevate any basic outfit. 

What is your dream and what are your life goals?

My dream is being able to help men gain their confidence by upgrading their styles. My life goal is being a wardrobe/Image consultant while being the provider of the supplies needed to upgrade one's style. 

"The quality of this tie is beyond what I was expecting. The fabric is so perfect that I didn't have to think of which knot would be best for it. It just flows with any knot I chose to tie it in."

Pánská módaDavidson Dorcelus with an ANTORINI tie

I see that you are wearing an ANTORINI tie, what ANTORINI accessories most appeal to you?

My answer would have to be what I'm wearing. The quality of this tie is beyond what I was expecting. The fabric is so perfect that I didn't have to think of which knot would be best for it. It just flows with any knot I chose to tie it in.

I see that your appearance is very important to you. Could you tell us what you appreciate most about ANTORINI?

Yes! The very first package I received from ANTORINI was an amazing experience. The way they packed the product made me feel that they truly cared. I love that about ANTORINI. They actually care. 


Do you follow the world of men's fashion? What fashion designers do you like best? 

I love the classics. I gravitate towards anything that's classic related. I don't particularly have a brand that I really stick to.

Are you planning to visit an important fashion event like Pitti Uomo or similar in the near future?

Not any that I'm aware of. Although I do treat every day as if it is a fashion event.

We would like to thank you for your time and we shall look forward to further photographs of your elegant outfits.

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