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ANTORINI Leather gloves between high fashion and crafts

ANTORINI Luxury Gloves, Handmade in Italy

Unlike other global regions where the manufacturing of quality leather gloves has diminished over the years, it is an art that is still very much alive and vibrant in Naples, now known as the Capital of global luxury glove manufacturing. This skill was first perfected in the 18th Century then undertaking a meteoric rise in the 19th Century. The importance of this fashion accessory was helped significantly by the rise of the Bourbon court.

However, Antorini manages to create only the finest hand cut and tailored gloves, lined with 100% silk or cashmere, utilising the very finest full grain calf skins incorporating 25 different manufacturing processes along the way.

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Designer leather gloves are a must-have accessory for everyone. In my point of view, there is not a more fashionable way to keep warm in winter than with designer leather gloves,

Mery April 15, 2019

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