Chess Set in White Glamour


1 - 2 weeks

Beautiful chess set made in ivory color and the highest quality in Italy. Traditional Italian handcrafting of fine wood with rich texture gives the chess set an exceptionally beautiful and elegant appearance. 

The box contains a complete set of exotic wood chess pieces, a playing chessboard, and a storage compartment lined with velvet. 

Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 10 cm 
Material: fine wood 
Chess pieces made of noble wood: color ivory and brown, size 76 mm 

Handmade in Italy. ANTORINI Gift Box. 

Wood marquetry: a noble art with a prestigious Italian tradition
It is a modern and geometric composition created by cutting, inserting, and placing differently colored pieces of wood to form a pattern. These pieces are inserted below the surface level, creating a design on the same level as the surface. The art of handmade wood is an old and noble Italian tradition, typical of southern Italy, and can only be created by highly skilled craftsmen who have passed the art down from generation to generation. All the wooden inlays are handmade using traditional methods that the carvers have perfected to a remarkable level. Each piece is unique, and its value is proportional to its quality. 

Many important factors influence the level of quality: the refinement of the design, the choice of wood, the fineness of the handwork and the perfect execution, and the final stages of gluing, covering, and cleaning. ANTORINI manufacturing prides itself on consistently achieving quality in every aspect of its production. 

Maintenance instructions:
Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. The product should only be cleaned with a clean, slightly damp cloth. 

Your order will come with complimentary gift wrap in a signature ANTORINI gift box, elegantly tied with an ANTORINI satin ribbon.
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