Luxurious Ladies ANTORINI Couture Leather Purse in Gold & Coral Red



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Distinctive ladies' continental purse in Italian calf full-grain leather with a unique snake pattern and metallic particles with a contrasting deep red interior. 

The metallic particles reflect the ambient light and, especially in a well-lit room or direct sunlight, shine bright golden. 

The Couture Collection represents an elegance that marries timelessness and current trends. It hides a balanced combination of beauty and strength. 

The ladies' purse contains: 

  • three main sections; 
  • central coin pocket; 
  • two inner longitudinal pockets (one on each side) for documents, bills, etc.; 
  • 8 credit card/business card pockets. 

Material: Italian cow leather 
Dimensions: 10.8 x 19.7 cm 
Colour: gold, coral red interior 

The luxurious ladies' ANTORINI Couture leather purses are full of enthusiasm, beauty, and elegance. They provide a taste of the sense of style of a perfect woman who loves fashion, grace, and luxury.

We deliver this ladies' purse in a gift box.  

Your order will come with complimentary gift wrap in a signature ANTORINI gift box, elegantly tied with an ANTORINI satin ribbon.
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