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A beautiful accessory that faithfully reproduces key elements of golf ball history. An ideal gift for golf lovers. 

The history of the golf ball in a nutshell: 
1618 - "The Feathery Cube", a lacquered golf ball made of cowhide, stuffed with chicken or goose feathers. Invented by the Robertson family in St. Andrews. 
1850 - 'The Hand Hammered Gutta', a later version of the original ball, which was hand-finished by boiling, roughening the surface, and making punctures with a sharp hammer. 
1860 - "The Bramble", a gutta-percha rubber ball with a regular pattern that improved aerodynamics and remotely resembled the first leather balls. The first manufacturers were Robertson and Morris. 
1898 - "The Rubber Ball", invented by Coburn Haskell and BF Goodrich, is based on wrapping a rubber thread around a rubber core. Later the rubber thread was replaced by balata. 

Dimensions: 5,4 cm x 24 cm x 15,5 cm 

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