Top 5 Best Silk Scarves for Women in 2022

A silk scarf is a very feminine and gentle accessory in women's wardrobe which polishes up a look and adds a chic factor to any outfit. The collection of ANTORINI scarves offers light, airy, flower-scented patterns just as much as intense, sophisticated, bold and modern designs beauty and perfection of which will entice everyone. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional designs, you can be sure that your outfit will become charming and exceptional with a scarf by ANTORINI.

1. Geometric Patterned Silk Scarf

This beautiful ladies' scarf by ANTORINI is made from soft and lightweight silk, originating from the so-called Italian capital of silk - Como. A fuchsia-coloured mosaic is depicted on a metallic grey shawl background. The scarf was inspired by the series of paintings "Espacillimité" of a Portuguese artist of geometric abstraction - Nadir Afonso.

2. ANTORINI Crystal World Silk Scarf

Inspired by the cool polar ice caps of the Antarctic this beautiful handmade Italian silk scarf is available in ice violet, a colour that resonates with the cool, clear tones found in the region. With this sparkling scarf, you won't even need jewellery. The beautiful print would give a precious spin to any outfit. Handmade in Italy with the use of 100% Italian silk.

3. ANTORINI Vintage Silk Scarf

This beautiful women's scarf is manufactured by using the softest lightweight silk from Italy. The magnificent design depicts golden ornaments bordered in blue. This classic print is timeless and would be wearable from year to year. This colour of the print is our personal favourite, but you can choose from brown, cream, red, black and beige. Perfect for all occasions.

4. Luxury Butterflies Scarf

For the gentle women who loves feminine motives, this gorgeous scarf could not be a better match. Handmade using the finest Italian silk, the motive of this fancy scarf is inspired by a summer meadow full of butterflies. Truly an inspirational work of art. The scarf is finished with finely rolled hand-stitched edges.

5. Silk Scarf - Purity

Gorgeous ladies' scarf made from soft silk in a limited edition. The most colourful harmony of tonal shades of pure gold and black on a dove grey background. All leafy shades give the scarf absolute harmony and can symbolise a cool autumn day. Perfect and elegant for wearing in all situations. Handmade in Italy with the use of 100% Italian silk. Finished by hand with finely rolled hand-stitched edges.


Since I tend to stick to solid colours when it comes to accessories and outerwear, silk scarves are always at the top of my shopping list for spring and fall. Love the way they break up the monotony of solid-coloured outfits, geometric and bold prints never fail to add that wow factor to a look. Love all these flawless scarves!

Sue April 16, 2019

Glamorous and alluring silk scarves. The navy vintage scarf is absolutely stunning. Its royal colour combination will look great with every style of coat imaginable, take the look to the next level and make it current and of-the-moment.

Andy April 16, 2019

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