2023 Luxury Leather Diaries and Organisers

Discover the exceptional diaries from the new ANTORINI premium collection for 2023. Leather diaries in both ring and non-ring versions are made from exclusive high-quality leathers. The diaries stand out for their top quality handmade craftsmanship, which, combined with gold-plated mechanics and premium leathers, make these diaries a unique accessory for your everyday business day. 
Leather diaries
New collection of diaries ANTORINI 2023


Introducing a stunning nude ladies' ring diary with gold-plated mechanics from the new 2023 ANTORINI luxury leather diary collection. The finest Italian leather with GRITTI finish for a gorgeous look and extra durability is complemented by gold-plated ring mechanics. The beautiful nude, powdery colour "nude" adds irresistible charm to the diary.

The diary offers a multitude of pockets and a generous internal filling for notes and planning. A complete refill including calendar is included.

Outside dimensions: 19,2 x 14,6 x 4,2 cm
17 x 9.6 cm
Mechanical dimensions: 3.3 cm outer width, 3 cm inner width, 2.8 cm inner height
Material: Italian Gritti cowhide in nude colour, gold-plated ring mechanics

6 ring mechanics
Left inner side: 7 pockets for business cards and cards, 2 vertical compartments for notes
right inner side of the boards: full-length vertical pocket for notes, 4 compartments for business cards or cards, writing instrument loop in combination leather and elastic band for attaching writing instruments of different widths


one week per two pages in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Japanese

Contents of the diary:
- Paper colour: luxury cream
- introductory page, personal details of the owner of the diary
- ruler (also for use as a bookmark), white translucent
- transparent cover sheet - protects the filling from "donkey horns"
- calendar 2023
- address book, two letters per page
- address book refill, 15 sheets
- 9 sheets of "don't forget" notes with the possibility of checking off a task
- 21 sheets of dates - spread the day into morning, afternoon and evening, space to write the date and mark the day of the week, day per page
- 4 sheets of brief contacts - name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, cell, note
- 6 sheets projects - 1st page: title, date, space for description (lines), graphic plan (cubes), space for event plan (beginning, end, description, importance); 2nd page: agenda: lines with spaces for people, time materials, budget, total amount
- 5 goal sheets - title, date, description (5 goals per page)
- 20 sheets of lined notes
- 9 sheets of lined notes
- 7 sheets expenses - date, description, amount
- fixed sheets - bookmarks for each filling
- world map
- transparent pocket
- left side entry: 20 rectangular stickers (3.6 x 1 cm), patches - 24 circle stickers
- transparent pocket with four card slots (space for inserting three business cards under each other)
- transparent pocket - right side entry with a barrier to prevent the contents from falling out

Calendar includes:
- transparent cover sheet - protects the filling from "donkey corners"
- overview of all months and days for 2023, 2024, 2025 (three years per page)
- monthly plan for 2023 - three months per page
- overview of public holidays and public holidays in 18 countries (countries: A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, GR, I, J, L, N, NL, P, RUS, S, USA)
- calendar 2023, starting on Monday, titles in English and German, three days per page, each day with the number of days remaining in the year
- each day indicates a public holiday with the countries for which it applies
- notes for 2023 (two pages)
- monthly plan for 2024, three months per page

- bookmark - diary sheet: important days, 6 months per page, rows, two columns
- Address bookmark: 1st page: international dialling codes to 19 countries (countries: A, B, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, I, IRL, L, NL, P, S, CH, RUS, L, FIN) when calling from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, United States, Japan 2nd page: direct dialling codes and postcodes to 117 major cities worldwide
- bookmark - task sheet - "don't forget" notes
- bookmark sheet schedules, deadlines
- tab - contacts
- tab - projects
- bookmark - notes
- tab - expenses

cream leather diary 2023
Gold-plated mechanics make these diaries uniquely elegant accessories that will exceed all your expectations.
Calendar and accessories are part of the ANTORINI ring diaries
Calendar and accessories are part of the ANTORINI ring diaries
diary cappuccino 2023
You can purchase the collection of ANTORINI diaries for 2023 on our website www.antorini.com

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