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Silver Dessert/Starter Fork, Taglio


Gente curves, modern design and clean lines are the advantages of the silver dessert/starter knife. A great gift for modern kitchen.

Thanks to the unique technology of material processing, your silver cutlery is resistant to sctratching.

For centuries, silver cutlery sets belonged to the family wealth and was inherited from generation to generation. It is a traditional and valuable gift for newlyweds, a significant person or gifts for the anniversaries.

Material: Sterling Silver, steel
The blade of the knife is made from steel of the highest quality.
Dimensions: 17,4 cm
Weight of the silver: 33 g

The cutlery can be gold plated if you wish.  Please, contact us for further information.

The product can be personalised by a mongram, logo or an emblem. Please, contact us if you wish to personalise the product.

The silver cutlery will arrive in a paper package. Luxury gift wrapping is not included.

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