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Bespoke Silk Tie in White with Initials, Blossom Print


Look at this great possibility to choose from our collection of the finest Italian silk ties seven times folded from 1m² of fine silk until there is no need for it to be lined. We offer you a chance to choose the most appropriate length and width to find the best size for you that fits to you. 

We are also pleased to offer you an initials service on our seven times folded ties. It is just up to you which initials (max. 4 characters without using the dots) you will add there. 

The Seven Folds Tie is all but not ordinary. Its name comes from its peculiar method of production. The finest silk in the world folds in on itself for seven times, creating seven different layers of silk, before the tie is sewn by capable hands.

This kind of craftsmanship makes the tie more elegant and soft to touch than standard ties. Seven folded ties come from Naples, Italy made by master´s hands.

Material: 100% silk

Luxury ANTORINI gift wrap.

Made in Italy.

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